Over the years we've had the pleasure of meeting and working for some amazing people. We truly enjoy being the ones to capture so many of their precious memories. Here are some of the kind words our "Famers" have shared with us along the way. If you'd like to share your thoughts, we'd love to hear from you!

Pamela P. 

The parties only get better and better with Skylar. I have been using Skylar since my 6 year old was 2 yrs and will continue to use Skylar top capture the most amazing pictures. Now, Penélope (6) Sofía (4) feel at ease with Skylar that I can just walk away and get perfection! Nothing but Love!

Joanna M. 

Always a treat with Skylar because she makes you feel beautiful just the way you are!! Skylar's patience w the lil ones is impressive. She never makes it a hassle and she just wants it to be so fun! There is nothing like a FAME PARTY! I love introducing new people to the concept because they are always so over joyed with the way their family is captured! It's like they get to see a beauty that they hadn't seen before. It's such a inspiring experience to see how Skylar can capture such love and joy! Remarkable, truly! I can't imagine not have those memories she makes!

Tara B. 

Kim was amazing with the kids! She's not afraid to get down to the level and "play" or do fart noises! Whatever it takes!!!

Jennifer M.

I attended one fame party, after that i knew this was perfect for me! Skylar was friendly and did an amazing job with my then 9 month old! Even though he crying she captured the most amazing shots!!!!! To date we've hosted 3 parties and our 4th is planned for this summer. We have loved each session as have all our families and friends!

Michelle T. 

Family pictures was a sore subject in our family before 15 Minutes of Fame! Now, my husband will take pictures anytime and anywhere no issues! In 15 minutes, I can get about 75-100 great shots for an amazing priceI don't know how they do it. It's magic!

Amy W.

Skylar started taking our families pictures 5 years ago. I thought our pictures were going to be a disaster because our daughter who was 2 at the time cried the entire 15 minutes. I was so amazed by the images Skylar captured! It's amazing how a scream and smile can look alike. Our family has grown by one, and we have lost a few furbabies and added a few along the way. Skylar has captured photographs of all of our family both human and furry. Those images are now priceless and can befound through out our home. We love 15 minutes of Fame for the quality images in a fast fun environment.

Leslie L.

We have hosted a few times. Each time is amazing, everyone loves them and comes back the next year! We love Skylar. She has an energy everyone loves! We look forward to our yearly Fame Party, it is the highlight of ours and all of our friends' year!!

Angela P.

This is the best deal for getting our family photos. The photographs are beautiful and the price is very reasonable! All this is done within 15 minutes, which is a perfect amount of time for multiple children. I was amazed at how many photos we received last year!! Can't wait to see this years! Thanks so much!

Kathy B. 

What a great way to relax and enjoy getting family pictures done!

Melissa V.

15 minutes hardly seemed like enough time to really capture our family... until I got back over a 100 gorgeous images. Our photographer engaged our kiddos and got them smiling and laughing. She was incredibly compassionate with our youngest who preferred to give her hugs than to have his picture taken. And the company was great about honoring our wishes not to have our littlest kiddo's face shown in promos or public previews. Y'all will be our go-to for family photos moving forward. I am one very happy mama!

Kim L.

"Our family has participated in 2 Fame parties over the past year. The pictures were incredible! We were able to use pictures from the 1st party for Christmas cards and gifts for our friends and family. We ordered several mini photo books that turned out great! I already have 6 friends in Dallas that want to sign up for the next photo session. 15 minutes is the perfect amount of time to shoot--especially when you have young children!"


Heidi B.

"There is no better way to get some great professional, fun pictures than to participate in a 15 Minutes of Fame party. It is a great price for exceptional and unique pictures. The pictures capture everyone's personalities! We have already had two 15 Minutes of Fame Parties and have booked two more!"



Jan G.

"We absolutely loved our 15 minutes of Fame shoots with Skylar! Both the family shoot at the beach and the baby shoot at Mary Margaret's party were wonderful and so easy! But, the best part is that the images are stunning! I loved them all so much I had trouble deciding which one to enlarge for our living room! Thanks again for your artistry!"


Catherine C.

"Love the experience, and the circus set-up as an alternative! Would highly recommend it to friends. Am thinking of having a fame party for 1 year old birthday party."



Alexis V.

"I can't tell you how much fun it was having my 1st Fame Party with Skylar! It was a quick and painless way to get professional photos taken. I do have to say, before booking my party and contacting Skylar, I did a little research and visited her website. After looking at her galleries on her website, I was so impressed with the images! The look of each picture had a unique quality. The coloring, the shot, the backgrounds....everything was so beautiful! So needless to say, I got a group of 10 friends together and booked my Fame party immediately! My Fame party was a great way for everyone to take a small amount of time out of their day to get some wonderful pictures in only 15 minutes! My part was super easy, I just cleared a small area for her to set her booth up and served some snacks and Skylar brought the mimosas, what could be easier? Skylar also brought some of her products to showcase, which some of my guests purchased. Everyone felt so comfortable working with Skylar; her demeanor and directions proved to be successful! I absolutely love the pictures I came away with from the Party. The disc with my photos contains so many wonderful pictures of my family that I will cherish forever! Thank you Skylar for offering this wonderful package! I've already booked my next Fame Party!!!"



Jill B.

"I cannot say enough amazing things about not only the shoot itself, but the finished product. I am a Mom of 2 teenagers that fought all the way to even go to the shoot, but they ended up having a blast and even smiling (which they both said they would NOT do). This was my Mother's Day gift, and one of the best I have ever gotten!! You Rock Skylar!!"



A. T.

"Loved our pictures from our 15 minutes of Fame photoshoot. My son would not smile the entire time but the pictures came out amazing!! Thank you Skylar and Becca!"


Sarah G.

"Skylar did a wonderful job at taking some fabulous shots of our then 18 month old son as well as some great family shots. The option she gives where she gives you the CD with all your pics on it is great because you don't have to purchase all your pictures at one time. You just pay the small sitting fee and then can have your favorite pictures printed when you please or as you need them for gifts, etc. So many options at an affordable price! Thanks, Skylar!"



Donean S.

"15 Minutes of Fame parties are the best! I LOVE how natural the pics were of my son by himself and the two of us together. The pictures were very carefree and caught my son’s inner spirit. The shoot itself was easy on my 2 year old, and I was stunned about how many pics were taken at the shoot and how wonderful the pics were. Very, very pleased."


Catherine C.

"Our Star Photographer is fantastic.  She was so wonderful with everyone from the myriad of children to husbands to puppies.  She is quite an asset, and 15 Minutes of Fame is very fortunate to have her.  Her work is as stellar as her ability to make the subjects comfortable."