Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive. However, if you don't find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help!

Attending a Party FAQs


Only 15 Minutes? What is that enough time for? 

Although 15 minutes doesn't sound like much time, our Star Photographers will be snapping away like crazy to catch those special moments. You will have enough time for a quick outfit change, photos of the kids alone, together, everyone together, just you, you and your significant other, etc. You will end up with 60-100 of the best photos from the shoot!


Am I required to pay anything? 

Absolutely not! Your 15 Minutes of Fame session is free. You are welcome to purchase a package the day of the party at a discounted rate. You can also wait until you see your photos and purchase a package at full price. If you'd prefer not to purchase a package, you can order items a la carte through your private viewing and ordering site.

[If you are requesting a session through our upcoming Fame Party calendar, you will be required to put down a $25 non-refundable deposit. This deposit will go toward any purchases made from your session.]


What should I bring to my Fame Party session?

We love unique props! Favorite stuffed animals, fun hats, parasols for outside, items that are special to your family and your kids will definitely add to your shoot! You can also bring a change of clothes for you or the kids.


Are my four-legged furry family members invited to the shoot?

We love shooting with pets! You should always double check with your hostess whether or not they mind you bringing your pet to the shoot.


Any suggestions on what to wear or what not to wear?

We love fun, bright colors that POP with our editing style! We recommend dressing everyone at the same level of brightness. That means you don't want one of your kids wearing white while the others are wearing black- the child wearing white will get washed out. We do not recommend clothes with words on them. Layers are great for quickly changing the look of an outfit.


Will we be shooting outside or with a colored backdrop at the party I'm attending?

Whether or not a party has a colored backdrop or is going to have the option to shoot outside is up to the hostess. They must have a spot in their yard that is shady all day for outside shots. To have a colored backdrop, they must have room for an additional backdrop inside their house or a shady spot outside.


Hosting a Party FAQs


Are there any costs associated with hosting?

There is NO cost to host! In fact, you'll receive a thank you package that grows with each party you host.


I'm worried I can't get 10 families to confirm, can you help?

We will be happy to post on our Facebook page, as well as email our past Famers in your area, to see if we can't help you fill those last few spots. We won't give out your address- we'll just let them know what area of town you're in.


What do I need to do to prepare for my Fame Party?

You'll need to clear a space for the backdrop. The backdrop is about 9 ft wide by 6 ft deep. Setting the backdrop up against a wall works best. Your Star Photographer will arrive 30 minutes before your party to set up. Some hostesses like to provide snacks and beverages for their guests. Finger sandwiches and juice boxes work great for the kids. Moms and dads can enjoy mimosas provided by us! If you're planning on shooting outside, you'll want to scout out an area in your yard that is shady all day.


I've seen Fame Photos with fun colored backdrops. Can I have a colored backdrop at my Fame Party?

Our Star Photographers can set up the traditional white backdrop inside, and, if there's a spot in your yard that's shady all day, they can also set up a colored backdrop outside. If your house is big enough for two backdrops to be set up inside, that will work as well. Please ask about having a colored backdrop when scheduling your party.


Can we shoot outside?

Yes! If you'd like to give your guests the option to shoot outside as well as inside, you'll want to scout an area in your yard that is in the shade all day.


I love the beach/lake/park Fame photos my friends took. Can I host at my favorite outdoor location around my city?

We love for our hostesses to show us new places to shoot! Want to host an on site party? No problem! Just be sure to have a back up plan in case of inclement weather.


After The Party FAQs


My child was sick/not cooperating during the shoot. What are my options?

We totally understand that sometimes kids aren't feeling well or on their best behavior. If you'd like to wait to see your photos before making any decisions about purchasing a package or a la carte items, you are more than welcome to. The shoot is free, so you're welcome to attend another party when your little one is feeling better without having to worry about losing any money if the shoot didn't go as planned. Although, sometimes you'll be surprised at what our Star Photographers can capture even during those shoots that don't seem to go so hot!


How long until I see my photos?

After your party, your photos come to our main studio in Austin, TX. The RAW images are meticulously edited by our team of highly trained editors. Each image in edited in either black & white or color, unless otherwise specified. Our maximum turnaround time is 4 weeks. We like to keep you updated on the process, and we'll let you know as soon as promos are going up on Facebook. This means we've finished editing your photos, and they are being uploaded to your private site. You'll receive access info within a day or two along with a download link if you've pre-purchased a package.


Why do I have to pay to switch from B&W to Color and vice versa?

Our editors must edit each photo from the RAW file into color or into b&w. An easy switch from one to the other does not exist. When you order a color swap, the image is re-edited from the RAW file to either color or b&w, which is why a fee is associated with the switch. If you'd like to order multiple color swaps, we do offer the following bulk discount: $30 for your first swap, $10 for each additional swap up to 5 swaps, $75 to swap your entire session, $125 to have every image in both color and b&w.


Oh no! I've lost my DVD from an session before 2014! What are my options?

If you've lost your DVD, no worries! You have two options: 1] Purchase a replacement DVD - $50 2] Have the files sent to you in a digital download - $25


Photographer FAQs


I know a great photographer in my area who I think would be great for Fame Parties. What can I do?


Feel free to shoot an email to with your favorite photographer's name, contact info, and website, and we'll be happy to review everything. See the following questions for what we're looking for in our Star Photographers.



I'm a photographer interested in shooting for 15 Minutes of Fame. What are the qualifications?

15 Minutes of Fame is always on the look out for new Star Photographers to take over our markets across the country! We are looking for female photographers of any age, who meet the following requirements: 1] MUST have a knowledge of/background in studio lighting, 2] shoot in a non "posey", candid, journalistic style, 3] be great with families and kids, 4] own your own professional camera equipment - camera, lights, backdrop kit, and lots of memory cards! If you're interested in shooting for us, and you meet the above requirements, please send an email to for more info. Be sure to include a link to your website!



I meet all of the requirements above! What would give me a step up over other photographers?

Although you meet the basic requirements, here are a few things that will put you ahead of the rest when we're looking for a new Star Photographer in your area: 1] a great looking website, 2] an existing successful photography business, 3] a referral from one of our Famer families, and 4] a strong portfolio. Having a bachelor's in photography as well as being a member of Professional Photographers of America helps too! We are constantly pushing work towards our Star Photographers for their private businesses, so a huge drive to shoot is great!