Hosting Details & Requirements

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Your Invite & Schedule


We recommend using to invite your guests to the party. Using SignUpGenius makes it super easy for us to help you fill up any remaining sessions you may have. We offer a template here for your invite! Please include on your email list, or email us a link to your sign up.



You'll start scheduling people no earlier than 8am, or, if you'd like to host an afternoon/evening party, your first session can be anytime before 5pm. Each family will have a 15-minute spot, we suggest you schedule back to back. Your Star Photographer will arrive half an hour before the start time to set up. A sample schedule, with the first session at 2 30pm, would look like this:

2pm-2 30 - Set Up

2 30-2 45 -

2 45-3pm - 

3pm-3 15 -

3 15-3 30 -

3 30-3 45 -

3 45-4pm - 

4pm-4 15 - 

4 15-4 30 - 

4 30-4 45 - 

4 45-5pm - 


[Add more spots when you reach 10 families, so that you can keep the schedule as condensed as possible! Keep adding sessions until you reach 20 families, then ok 20+ families with us first!] 

We can always help you try to fill your schedule, by contacting past Famers in your area, and posting on our Facebook page. We will never give out your address, just the area of town you're in when posting about your party.

We will touch base for a copy of your schedule two weeks before your party, but feel free to update us if it's filling up fast, or if you're having trouble booking anytime.

What to note when scheduling:

  • You're welcome to start any time between 8-10am for morning parties and 3-5pm for afternoon parties, unless requested otherwise. It's up to you! 
  • You will need at least 10 families for the party to take place, so we recommend scheduling 15 families to account for last minute cancelations.
  • We ask no more than 20 sessions, unless you okay it with us first. 
  • Please try to keep the schedule as condensed as possible. You can schedule families back to back in 10 family chunks.
  • Your family will want to sign up for a session as well. Please be ready for your session BEFORE your photographer arrives to set up.


Setting Up for the Party

The backdrop is 9ft wide and will extend from the wall about 6 ft. The height is adjustable.

Indoor Party [with or without outdoor shots]

Your photographer will arrive 30 minutes before your first scheduled session. To facilitate a punctual start time, it helps to have a space or room cleared for the backdrop. If you are unsure which area would work best, the photographer can help narrow the selection upon arrival.

Providing snacks and beverages for your guests is totally up to you! If you have requested the photographer bring champagne, please note juice will not be provided.

If weather permits for the option to shoot around the yard as well, please scout a spot that is shady throughout the duration of your party. 

What to note when setting up for an indoor party:

  • The backdrop works best on hard floors. Carpet causes an undesirable texture to form on the backdrop.
  • Rooms or spaces without traffic are preferred.
  • Setting up against a wall is preferred, but not necessary. 
  • Try to avoid setting the backdrop in front of a window without the ability to black out, or in an area with direct light from opposing windows.
  • Do not allow children to have snacks before or during their session. Photoshopping crumbs and stains is extra!
  • Your photographer will have a selection of props, but unique props are encouraged to be provided by the host family as well as guests.


On Location Outdoor Party

On location parties are our favorite way to showcase the great outdoor spaces that can be found in our Fame Party cities!

As with indoor parties, your photographer will arrive 30 minutes before your first scheduled session. To facilitate a punctual start time as well as guests not getting lost, it helps to have a meeting location planned ahead of time.

Shady spaces work best for shooting outdoors, and planning a visit to the park for scouting shooting areas is appreciated. If you are unsure which area will work best for shooting, the photographer can help narrow the selection upon arrival.

What to note when setting up for an outdoor party:

  • If your location does not have table space, you may want to provide an area for filling out forms, if your guests have not filled them out ahead of time.
  • If your location does not have shady area for waiting/resting between sessions, especially on a sunny day at the beach, you may want to provide a canopy if you do not have a cabin.
  • Plan a meet up location for your photographer and guests ahead of time.
  • A backup location in case of inclement weather is REQUIRED.
  • Your photographer will have a selection of props, but unique props are encouraged to be provided by the host family as well as guests.


Hostess Responsibilities During your Fame Party

Our Star Photographers rely on you to interact with your guests before and after their session so they can focus on capturing high quality images for each family.

In addition to preparing a space for the backdrop before your Star Photographer arrives, we ask the host family please help with the following during the party:

  • Staying on Track - Your Star Photographer leaving the shooting area to find a distracted family can cause delays. Since you know the "who's who" at your party, alerting families that their session is next will keep the schedule running smoothly. 
  • Order Forms and Ordering Details - Every guest is required to fill out an order form after their session, regardless of making a purchase. Their email address is our main point of contact, and we will not be able to deliver their viewing site without it. Please be familiar with our ordering options. If you have any questions about the day of the party discount, upgrades, packages, a la carte items, or ordering in general, please email us, chat with us online, or talk with your Star Photographer before your guests arrive. Our Star Photographers do not carry change, so if a guest would like to pay with cash, they will need the exact amount. This means the total with tax for Texas Fame Parties.
  • Refreshments - If you do provide refreshments for your guests the day of the party, please request that children do not partake in them until AFTER their session. Photoshopping crumbs and stains incurs an additional fee.
  • Managing Late Families - If a Family A is running behind and Family B is present and ready to go, let the Family B take their session. The Family A can fill in as soon as they arrive. 


Your Thank You Package & Perks for Guests

Hosting Thank You

We always like to say THANK YOU for helping our Famer family grow by bringing together family and friends for your Fame Party. Your thank you package is dependent on the number of families who actually attend your party, combined with the number of times you have hosted in the past.

Starting with the Fortune & Fame Package for the first party of 10+ families hosted, the thank you package will get bigger with each full party you host. If you host a huge party, we like to add an extra thank you!

As of 2015, if you host two full Fame Parties in a calendar year, you will receive a 20x30 Canvas Wrap on top!


Co-Hosting Thank You

If you cohost, the Thank You packages are a little different, and depend on how many families you schedule. They are as follows:

  • 20+ families, each co-host receives their own thank you package [based on the number of parties you have hosted as individuals]; 
  • 15-19 families, you each receive a Fame Package with a Super Hi-Res Upgrade;
  • less than 15 families, we will most likely reschedule. If less than 15 families is due to last minute dropouts, you each receive the Fame Package.

As of 2015, if you host two full Fame Parties in a calendar year, you will receive a 20x30 Canvas Wrap on top!


Perks for Guests

If any of your guests invites a new Famer family to your party, both your guest and their friend-family will receive a Super Hi-Res Upgrade on us! Their images will print up to 16x20. Please be sure they note on their forms who they pair with!


Your Party Details

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