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Skylar Reeves 

Founder / Austin, Texas-Based Star Photographer

Born in Beaumont, Texas, my love affair with photography began at an early age. After modeling for a short time, I found that my true passion was being behind the camera, capturing inspirational images in fashion and portraiture. I attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA, then completed my studies at Atlanta's Portfolio Center. I travel extensively for clients and enjoy shooting fashion, families, and character portraits. Whether shooting children or weddings, I love capturing the real moments, from tears to laughter, with no forced smiles or poses. I absolutely love seeing these moments become precious memories in the form of a lasting image. I am a current member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

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Eva Hernandez

Studio Manager - Lockhart, Texas

Eva was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. After marrying her high school sweetheart, Pedro, she had 3 kids who are her biggest blessings. When Eva moved to Lockhart more than a year ago, she fell in LOVE with the laid-back, quiet country lifestyle of the area.

Eva worked for Child Protective Services and never dreamed she would eventually take a completely different direction—into a job filled with smiling faces.

She loves new experiences and cannot wait to see what Fame Parties brings!

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Becca Katzmann

Denver, Colorado-Based Star Photographer

As I was working on my bio, I requested input from my daughter Piper. I said Piper, what shoud I say in the about me section of the Fame website? She said, Mom, just say you love people! As I thought about her answer, I knew she was right! I love meeting and getting to know people! I love taking pictures! The insight of a four year old is perfect in its simplicity!

On a more serious note … I am a Mom! I have two kiddos that are my little loves! Piper, my wild child, is four and Maddox, my sweet little man, who is 2. I have taken pictures all my life. As a kid I would take my Polaroid everywhere. I have storage containers full of albums from when I was little. It was a hobby until I became a mom, then it became more of an obsession. I started taking pictures of children and babies at my MOMS Club (Moms Offering Moms Support) and Moms Morning Out functions and emailing them to the parents. Then I started getting requests to do family photos. I did them for fun and realized how much I LOVE taking pictures of families, kids, and couples! I went to school for Photography at Portfolio Center, in Atlanta. I'm also a current member of Professional Photographers of America

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Sommer Bukowski

Houston, Texas-Based Star Photographer

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once famously said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” I believe this to be true. Anyone who knows me for more than a few minutes knows that I have an awe-inspiring sense of life and prefer to live it to its fullest. We are not promised tomorrow. That said, photography has been an impassioned outlet for me as I seek to live and to capture life in the big moments and the moments in between, when no one is looking.

With a career background in marketing, advertising and public relations, photography ran parallel with my life goals. When I became a mother of three boys, I decided it was time to focus exclusively on my family and life passion for photography. Most of my photography revolves around families and children although I also serve corporate clients.

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Brandi Allyse 

Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas-Based Star Photographer

First and foremost, I am a believer and follower of Christ. I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Mo. And I am mom to my favorite little humans, Olivia Renae and Grady Patrick. I reside in the great state of Texas and do most of my business in the DFW area. My interest in photography began in high school. I later received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Texas State University. It is absolutely my passion. I love getting the opportunity to capture so much joy and happiness in photos on a regular basis. I specialize in wedding and lifestyle photography with my own business and am so excited to now be part of the Fame Party family! 

In my spare time I love eating all the food, crafting, and I have an intense love for music. I spend a large amount of my time chasing and snuggling my kiddos. They brighten every day. 

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Kim Brooke 

Austin, Texas-Based Star Photographer

Kimberly’s interest in photography began one special day when,  as a child in the South,  she discovered her father's old Olympus camera. Luckily for Kim, her dad bought her some film, and so began many happy hours spent  photographing cats,  dogs,  birds,  & any human who would let her.  She eventually moved with her family to the great state of Texas and later graduated from Texas Tech University.  Her photo hobby found new meaning when her sister got married in 2005.   After seeing the beautiful images that were captured at the wedding,  Kim’s affection for photography turned into a love affair with documenting special moments in time for people to hold onto forever.  She strives to capture real emotion and love in her images.  Kim specializes in Portrait & Boudoir photography with her own business, and she is overjoyed to bring her love of photography, meeting new people,  and capturing special moments as a member of the amazing Fame Party family. 

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Katherine Larson

Los Angelas,  California-Based Star Photographer

Katherine Larson discovered she had a gift for photography at an early age, and it became her passion.

Her photography ranges from models to fashion, weddings, children, nature, commercial, and everything in between. When she's not snapping Fame Parties, she specializes in fashion and fine art photography.

She loves what she does, and she hopes you can see her creativity shine through in her photos!

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Addie-Renee Collins

Houston, Texas-Based Star Photographer

Addie-Renee is an ordinary girl with a passion for people.

After getting her feet wet with photography almost a decade ago, she chose to hone her craft at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  Addie-Renee admits her journey has been a roller coaster ride, but that's what makes life so extraordinary. She loves photographing people, and she believes it shows in her work!

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Paige Baker

Houston, Texas-Based Star Photographer

I am originally from Michigan, I moved to Houston 2 years ago to pursue my passion for children's photography. I am the oldest of 5 kids which made me an instant babysitter and leader. I studied photography at Columbia College Chicago. With my degree I began photographing college sports in Chicago but I decided to move to Houston for warmer weather!

During my shoots I transform into a big kid! I make crazy animal sounds and tell silly jokes rather than asking to you to "smile". I love capturing little ones from behind the lens: the smiles, laughter, joy, and even the tears.  

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Kat Schaper

Austin, Texas-Based Star Photographer

 I'm an Austin, Texas based family photographer. Originally from Chicago, I settled in Austin with my husband in 2014. I am a mom to Scarlett and twins Sutton and Smith. I have loved photography since I picked up my first camera at age 7. 

Although I am not currently practicing, I am a nurse licensed in the state of Texas. I have a background in Labor and Delivery, OB, and surgery. I decided to become a full time photographer after the birth of my first daughter and specialize in newborn photography. I truly feel that all special milestones from tiny baby toes all the way up to a 100th birthday are worth preserving. I’m so honored to be able to share those memories with my clients!

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Jessica Artice

Austin, Texas-Based Star Photographer

I'm a wife, a mama of two, and a passionate photographer. I was the little girl who was always begging for another disposable camera - remember those? Then it was a little point and shoot digital - I carried that tiny silver camera around everywhere! I received my BFA from Texas State in Communication Design and spent the better part of a decade doing graphic design; but, it never spoke to my soul. It was when my son was born, I realized how important pictures truly were - so I picked up a camera (a real one this time) and haven't put it down since.

So here I am, rocking the mom life, with a four year old and a one year old. Trying to organize the chaos..and at the same time embrace it. And that's just what I do behind the camera - I capture the beauty, the chaos, and everything in between.

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Lisa Youngblood

College Station, Texas-Based Star Photographer

Lisa has a husband, son, and two golden doodles keep her going. She is an Academy of Art University in SanFrancisco Alumni. She earn a bachelor of FA in Photography, and also is an elementary art school teacher. In her free time she loves to travel. Loves to capture all the funny things children do in her images, and is excited to share them with you!

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Alissa L.

Houston, Texas-Based Star Photographer

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Jessica Devoss

Austin, Texas-Based Star Photographer

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Amy Parks

Dallas, Texas-Based Star Photographer

Hello everyone, I’m Amy ! I’m a photographer in the Dallas area ! Married to my best friend, Chad and we have two adorable boys ! My love for photography came after our first son was born, 10 years ago. Man, time flies when your having fun! We live outside of Dallas in a small town named Sunnyvale . Our boys keep us busy with all things sports ... it’s crazy but we LOVE it!

Before I decided to become a full time photographer, I worked as a Labor and Delivery Nurse for 14 years at a large hospital in Dallas. Both professions are so very rewarding,  I enjoy meeting new families and watching them grow .

I’m so excited to now be apart of the Fame Party family!

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